Here’s a sampling of my latest cartoons and caricatures on Instagram:


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I’ve always loved cartoon-styled drawing and caricatures. When I was a kid I used to make cards for my mother, which she kept in her secret stash of items I created. I still create personal cards for family and friends. And at one point I thought I’d create greeting cards as a side hustle. (Alas, side hustle side lined for now.)

Over the years I took different classes, bought instruction books, and even enlisted tutoring for a short period with a retired art teacher. I would practice sporadically. I longed to develop a drawing habit, but it eluded me.


My quest to find a course or mentor continued until 2015 when I enrolled in the DaVinci Cartooning course. As a final project for the course, I published an adult coloring book Groovy Giggles.

If you’ve longed to draw or practice a creative pursuit…but beat yourself up for not doing it, keep trying. When the time is right, the motivation and course will appear.  Yes, you can do it!