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The Content Writer’s Guide to Humor

Does Your Content Need a Jolt of Personality? Want to Make Your Readers Smile or Giggle?

Humor is a tool to catch and keep people’s attention. People who write funny material attract more fans, engage their readers, and stand out from the frickin’ crowd.

You can apply simple humor-boosting techniques to just about any form of writing: blog posts, presentations, how-to books, sales copy, video scripts, … Dear John (or Jane) emails.

The Content Writer’s Guide to Humor offers practical lessons to help you punch up your prose to amuse your readers, connect them with your personality, and leave them remembering what they’ve read.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how to…

  • Develop your humor muscle and transform your writing style.
  • Use word choice, exaggeration, and five other techniques to give your writing a comedic twist.
  • Add levity through wordplay, dialog, and other literary devices.
  • Lighten, tighten, and pace your writing to make it clear, concise, and comical.
  • Transform your writing from ho-hum to haha so your readers stay with you and want to read more.

Who’s this book for?

Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter, non-fiction author, course creator, or even someone whose personal ads aren’t getting responses, this book will give you the tools to keep readers engaged and smiling as they read your words.

When is it available?

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